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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Tax | August 09,2021


At ascentia CPA, we often get asked numerous questions about what services we provide and how our process works. Here is a list of our most “Frequently Asked Questions”.

What is online accounting?

Traditional accounting, with a modern twist! Like online banking, online accounting is all about accessibility and convenience. Gone are the days of having to wait a couple weeks to book an appointment with your accountant, or printing documents, dropping them off at their office and waiting for a follow-up. Having an online accounting team means reviewing your numbers on a more regular basis and making valuable decisions, when you need to. Some of the benefits of online accounting, and not limited to, include:

  • Accessibility of online services, including easier access to your accountant
  • Transparency – ability to log in to a shared portal and review information 24/7
  • Saving time and effort…after all, time = money
  • Going digital – saving paper in efforts to being more environmentally-friendly
  • Value-based pricing (we price based on the value of our work, not the traditional hourly billing)
  • Safe and secure data migration
  • Accurate information in real-time (e.g. – simply downloading your financial statements when you need them)

What services does ascentia CPA provide?

We are a full-service accounting firm and are involved with clients in the following categories:


  • Cloud-based bookkeeping
  • Payroll services

Business Advisory

  • Accounting system development and implementation
  • Hands-on online bookkeeping or online payroll training and support
  • Remote work, project management, or inventory tracking system set up
  • Business planning and negotiations
  • Business valuations
  • Cash flow budgeting

Estate Planning

  • Income tax planning to defer or minimize tax
  • Estate freezes to pass business on to the next generation
  • Trust creation and management
  • Non-resident trust management and planning
  • Preparation and filing of estate returns


  • Corporate and personal tax filings
  • Corporate and personal tax planning
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Government representation/disputes
  • Mergers and acquisitions tax planning

Who is your ideal client?

Anyone can benefit from online accounting! We work well with small to mid-sized business owners open to the idea of utilizing technology to bring ease and convenience into their lives so that they can focus on operating their business. Same goes for personal clients – someone looking for a fast, convenient way to file their taxes and plan their finances.

What businesses do you specialize in?

We do not specialize in any industry or business, ascentia CPA has the experience, and accounting expertise in most industries – we welcome all prospective clients.

How often should we meet to discuss my business taxes?

We do not just meet at tax time but on a much more regular basis. We meet with our clients quarterly to keep them in the loop with their financial situation; for businesses, we go over reports that are generated to educate clients on where their business is thriving and where it needs further improvement. Other accountants skip on the educational part of the service. For us, it is an important piece of the puzzle.

Can you represent me in all the provinces that I do business?

We serve nation-wide! Our current client base is across Canada. Wherever you are, we are still representing you as your accountant – whether you find yourself in BC one day and Alberta the next.

How will I get my documents to you? Is it secure?

We work with the top and most credible companies in the industry for data security. You can be assured that any data and information flowing through our website is protected by using multi layers of security including industry standard data encryption and secure data centers and end-to-end data encryption. Two-step authentication is also offered as an additional layer of protection.

What communication tools do you use?

All the above. We use email, phone lines and virtual platforms for virtual meetings (consultations and on-going meetings).

What are your fees?

Our fees are tailored to each client and depend on services being provided. Our unique offering is that we do not charge as a traditional accountant would by the hour, which include inefficiencies that occur on the accounting offices’ end. We charge flat, fixed rates which are agreed upon in our complimentary consultation, depending on a client need. We ensure that the fee structure applied is the optimal, value-based fee for each client.

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