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Why Your Business Needs an Online Accountant

Tax | July 15,2021


Moving your business and books to the cloud! Online and cloud-based accounting tools have opened the door to greater efficiency, convenience, and engagement for business owners across Canada – here are five reasons why you should consider finding an online accountant.

Saving Time & Effort (Time = Money, after all!)

There are multiple time and efficiency efforts made when moving your accounting online – when accounting and taxes are just a yearly compliance ritual, you could be overlooking key figures in your business #KnowYourNumbers. Accounting is the backbone of your business – what are your projected vs. actual revenues? What are your advertising expenses and how will they affect your bottom line? What investments are you making in your business? Your business is changing on the go and so should your accounting needs – in real-time!

Like online banking, online accounting is all about accessibility and convenience. Gone are the days of having to wait a couple of weeks to book an appointment with your accountant, or printing documents – dropping them off at their office and waiting for a follow-up. Having an online accounting team means reviewing your numbers on a more regular basis and making valuable decisions, at the right time.

Value-Based Pricing

No more hidden charges! New technologies and business practices are changing the bookkeeping and online accounting market. The old model of pricing would be on work by the hour, non-transparent, and often confusing for clients not knowing the process in depth. Clients are not clones – every scenario is different. With value-based pricing, each client situation is assessed based on what issues the client is facing, what we can do to solve their problem, and finally, determining the scope of work and client engagement.

Paper Free Zone

We have always been proud to call ourselves a paperless firm! As a company, we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously.
Did you know?

 A study by PrintAudit found that each employee at an accounting firm prints an average of 35.5 pages per day
 Based on this figure, an accounting firm with five employees would take less than three months to print 10,000 pages – an equivalent of a small tree (Imagine a large-scale firm!)
Printing less means saving money – period. All clients have access to a safe and secure online portal where documents can be shared, viewed, and signed.

Breaking Down Geographical Barriers

Moving an accounting practice to the cloud has released the geographical barriers of having to meet your accountant inside your local vicinity – especially if there is a lack of resources, and they are not meeting your business needs. We can meet via Skype, WhatsApp, Google Meet, other video-conferencing platforms (you name it!), answer questions online, provide solutions, and make revisions all on our platform. Because of this flexibility, we’re fortunate to be able to meet with clients all across Canada.

Knowing You Are Protected

Online accounting is safe and secure in the cloud – more secure than paper files being stored in a physical office or filing cabinet where other clients and employees interact. We use platforms that provide security to data and information flowing through our website that is then protected by using multi-layers of security, including industry-standard data encryption, secure data centers, and end-to-end data encryption. Two-step authentication is also required for clients to ensure additional levels of security.

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If you are passionate about growing your business and want to see greater productivity and automation in your business, then you cannot afford NOT to find an online accountant. Have questions? We are always happy to connect!

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